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Hello! I'm so glad you're here!

I am Natalie Demos, Miss St Croix Valley 2024 under the Miss Minnesota Scholarship Organization. The Miss America Opportunity has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, instilling the importance of service from a young age. My legacy has always been to leave each person I meet and each place i visit, better than how I found them. As a mental health trailblazer, storyteller and advocate this organization has helped amplify my mission and legacy - leaving a profound difference. I am so excited to have you along with me on my journey to Miss Minnesota 2024 and to leave this legacy of impact together.

Miss Minnesota  x  Hundredx

Miss St Croix Valley, Natalie Demos Top Fundraiser 2024

Moving out at the age of 18, Natalie put her educational dreams on hold in order to prioritize other necessities. Thanks to the Miss America Opportunity, she is able to chase her dream of becoming a Certified Nurse Practitioner. The HundredX fundraiser provided an opportunity for local titleholders to raise scholarship dollars for the Miss Minnesota Organization. Natalie was named the top fundraiser for the Miss Minnesota Organization; helping the organization to further its mission of changing the lives of women just as they have changed hers.


Miss Minnesota 2024

June 19th-21st at Treasure Island Resort & Casino

Come join the Miss Minnesota Scholarship Organization for 3 nights of exciting competition with accomplished young women from across the state vying for the titles of Miss Minnesota and Miss Minnesota's Teen 2024! 

Ticket information coming soon!


Join The Miss America Opportunity

Are you looking for the experience of a lifetime where you can develop professional skills, earn scholarship dollars towards your education, advocate for a cause close to your heart, share your talents, experience the magic of sisterhood and so much more?

You came to the right place, friend. The Miss America Opportunity is an organization that empowers women and is ready to welcome you with open arms!

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